Unpublished text by Denise Desautels printed onto acetate; nine digital prints by Bonnie Baxter, with the digital and photographic assistance of Margarita Lypiridou, printed by ink-jet (and screen print varnish at Atelier Bellemare) onto acetate and Hahnemühle paper by Étienne Fortin at the Centre Sagamie. The concept and the realization of the book are by Jacques Fournier. The original edition includes forty-five numbered examples from 1 to 45 as well as two examples marked D.L. BNQ and D.L. BAC , and three examples marked H.C.

@ Bonnie Baxter, Denise Desautels, Jacques Fournier, 2005

Title: Apparitions
Dimensions: 6 in. X 6 in x 7/8 in.
Materials: mirror mylar, acetate and Hahnemühle paper
Date: 2005


All images are from the book Apparitions

1. Apparitions
2. book cover
3. page bend
4. mirror pages
5. molten
6. enracinée
7. mirror more
8. cover and rock face