Year: 2006
Length: 20 min. 30 sec.
Genre: experimental video
Format: originally filmed in high-8, transferred to VHS, DVD
Language: English
Country: Canada

Camera: Bonnie Baxter
Editing: Tommy Asselin, Bonnie Baxter
Composer: Michael Oesterle
Actors: Bonnie Baxter, Tedi Tafel, Noah Kole

Tramontano is a visual poem which synchronizes video footage and sound filmed in various parts of the world from New York to Istanbul to Montréal. Human figures appear small, struggling and infrequent, insignificant in the face of nature’s own mysterious and ever shifting agenda. Continents are interchanged with dizzying speed - interiors and exteriors, places sacred and mundane, are layered, even submerged beneath the surf of the California coastline. The lines between natural formations and the structures of man begin to blur and wash across each other like waves, rising and falling, nothing resists the onslaught of time except, perhaps, the fields of poppies.